The Premier Resource for Downsizing Advice

The Premier Resource for Downsizing Advice

The Premier Resource for Downsizing AdviceThe Premier Resource for Downsizing AdviceThe Premier Resource for Downsizing Advice

Tom Williamson, owner, Parcreek Antiques and Estate Services


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If you’re thinking about downsizing, you’re not alone. Parcreek Antiques and Estate Services, LLC has been helping people downsize for 27 years. We’ll help you with the sorting process by providing current market conditions to help you make informed decisions about what to keep, sell, donate or throw away.

How to Buy Antiques on a Limited Budget


Do you want to start collecting antiques, but have a limited budget to work with? Don’t worry, collecting antiques does not need to be expensive. If you follow some simple rules, you will find that you can put together a collection that you will enjoy for years to come for a reasonable price.  

  1. Buy what is rare, not what is popular. Avoid mass-produced items that are too common to become truly valuable.
  2. Think towards the future. Consider items that are rare today, and will become antiques tomorrow.
  3. Condition, condition, condition. Avoid items that are worn or missing pieces. Items that are in less than perfect condition are worth significantly less than those in mint condition.
  4. Educate yourself. Trust advice from those who know better, read up on antiques, and talk with local dealers.

Trust your instincts. The best collectors are passionate about their collections. Purchase what you like, and enjoy your collection as it grows.

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Parcreek Antiques’ proprietor, Tom Williamson, has been in the antiques and fine art business for more than 27 years. Parcreek Antiques' extensive network of suppliers and dealers throughout North America and beyond, ensures antiques and collectibles that are always first-rate.

Parcreek Antiques is the premier seller of high quality antiques in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Carrying only premium items at reasonable prices, we pride ourselves on our highly knowledgeable staff and hard to find stock. All of our antiques come with full money back guarantees and certificates of authenticity. Collectors who are interested in selling their antique pieces to Parcreek Antiques are asked to contact us to set up a consultation.  

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Bringing buyers and sellers together with over 27 years experience researching market values of antiques and collectibles.

How Downsizing Advice Can Put Money in Your Hands


Nearly every room in the house can hold some sort of treasure, and if you’re not current on today’s collecting trends, you’ll end up giving away or selling something of great value at a fraction of what it’s worth. Get expert advice from a seasoned pro in the antique, collecting and estate services business. We can help with nearly anything of value.


Knowing the market value, where to sell it—and how—is key to

maximizing the return on your investment.

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